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Ribcage. He could feel the warmth of blood, though not a large flow. I am going to lift you off, my love. Before she could respond, he pulled her up in a single motion as he got to his feet. He held her tight, leading her away from the jubé and keeping one hand on the wound to stanch the flow. Drogos stepped through the scattering crowd and pulled the lenses from his face when he saw them. Are you injured, madam? Has something happened? It is not that bad, I believe, she said. God saved me from serious injury. What happened? Drogos asked. The fault is mine, Vital said. I am such a godal. After they returned to where they'd left Vincent, Drogos offered the older man his arm, and the four of them continued toward the bishop's offices. As they approached the chamber, Drogos looked over his shoulder at Vital. Godal? Oh, of the saints. Vital had used the Occitan word forimbecile. What? Oh, that. Sorry, yes. I picked up a few rough phrases from some southern masons when I was advising on a new church in those parts. One of them was a real equus asinus, he said, deliberately mispronouncing the words slightly. Pray I did not offend, Father. He looked away before his eyes could reveal what his speech was trying to hide. ~ ~ ~ The wound is shallow, my love, Vital said to Tegridia, pulling her buy instagram followers chemise back down while keeping his body positioned to give her as much privacy as possible from the others. I pray it heals as quickly as the wound I caused with my black speech. Neither wound is fatal, was all she said. He looked across the room as she sorted herself out on the padded bench. How is Father Vincent? he asked Drogos. I am fine, thank you, Vincent replied. In body, at least. In spirit, less so. I take no satisfaction in seeing confirmation of my prediction that we were being lured into a trap. Vincent turned to Drogos. buy instagram followers Father, does your library have a copy of thePsychomachia by Prudentius? Certainly. A fine one. Do you wish to read it? Now? It holds an answer for us, I believe. Very well, Father, Drogos said and left the room. The three of them rested in silence until Vincent caught Vital off guard with an accusatory edge to his voice. Master Gaultier, do you know the man who confronted you with the Lombard challenge out there? His voice sounds familiar to me, yes, yes, I think. But I cannot place him in memory. The fact that he knew my name so soon google after our arrival here can only mean that he is in league with our tormentors, Vincent said. Unless Father Drogos tipped him off instagram some-- The opening of the door and the reappearance of Drogos stopped Vincent--and robbed Vital of the opportunity to follow up on the old priest's startling conjecture. Drogos? Part of the plot? Here you are, Father, Drogos said as he laid the volume across Vincent's lap. They waited while he scanned the pages, reading at extraordinary speed but struggling with his crooked hands to turn each sheet of parchment. After a few dozen pages, he ed buy instagram followers his head up and looked hard at Tegridia. What did the in say to you in the inn again, madam? Bury your head in the bottom of , diseased harlot. Vincent's eyes narrowed. As I feared. As I feared. He paused. We must expect four more attacks. Pardon, Father? Tegridia asked, her voice rising. Why? And why